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sippin drinker - I just picked up a bottle of the Griptonite. It has a gret taste. I used to buy the extracts in pill forms to help with relaxation after a stressful day, now I can just pick one of these up and sip. Very Nice!! | Holly - oh my god this drink is probably the best drink out on this earth. i love to drink sippin syrup when i just had a hard week and ready to chill out on the weekends so who ever made this is amazing | Adam - i recently tried your product and suffice to say i found an intresting use for it. i recentlly... well not real recentlly... had to quit smoking pot, which for me is not an easy task, but when i had a couple bottles of sippin syrup it took away the cravings. i also introduced a few friends to it who had the same results, so i thought i\'d let you know it might be something worth looking into. but other than that great product you can look forward to my repeat buisness. best of luck. Casey - ..... I LOVE Sippin Syrup. I bought two of the gripponte and one of the kandy.. my favorite would have to be the kandy for sure.. my boyfriend and I love these and the pony keg is ordering more where we live because we told them we like them. Thanks so much for creating something that makes you feel so great. Seriously Sippin Syrup is the best thing that has been created in a minute!
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