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SIPPIN SYRUP is a revolution in euphoric mood enhancement. A balanced formula of herbs and nutrients designed to promote a state of extended relaxation and requiesence (total chill).

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Sippin Syrup relaxation drinks are delicious and will help slow you down a bit, we have 5 different flavors available. Each bottle is 1 servings! Made with all natural ingredients.

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5 flavors

Tickle your taste buds!

Sippin Syrup comes in five distinct flavors to suit any taste bud; Purple, Griptonite, Kandy, Mellin & Blue.

Purple has a sweet smooth grape flavor.

Griptonite explodes with a combination of grape and apple flavor.

Kandy tastes like vanilla cotton candy straight from the carnival.

Mellin poses a sweet watermelon / strawberry hook sure to have you coming back for more!

Blue, a refreshing pomegranate-berry flavor with no carbs, calories or sugar.


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Sippin Syrup is sold by the case in individual flavors. You can choose between the 12 pack case or the 24 pack case. We also offer a variety pack that includes 6 assorted Sippin Syrup bottles and 2 of our sample Brownzzz.

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a Proprietary Calming Blend

Dietary Suppliments

dietary supplements

Chamomile Extract - a sleep remedy
Lavender Extract - for relaxation
L-Theanine - for tranquility
Hops Extract - for flavoring
St. John's Wort - anti-depressant



B3 - also known as Niacin
B5 – also known as Pantothenic Acid
B6 - also known as Pyridoxine
B12 - also known as Cobalamin
D (Blue only) - for muscle strength



Melatonin - increases REM sleep
Valerian Root Extract - calms nerves
Rose Hips Extract - reduces stress
Skullcap Extract - reduces anxiety
Kava Kava Extract - for sedation

  Consumer   Feedback

  • Trish

    I have had panic attacks for years now and wanted to find something that could replace my medication. I found it in your sippin syrup. I haven'€™t had a panic attack or needed my meds for awhile. I love that it'€™s all natural and works better than taking anti-anxiety meds!!! I will be spreading the word.

  • Holly

    I just picked up a bottle of the Griptonite. It has a great taste. I used to buy the extracts in pill forms to help with relaxation after a stressful day, now I can just pick one of these up and sip. Very Nice!!

  • Casey

    I LOVE this product! I bought two of the gripponte and one of the kandy. My favorite would have to be the kandy for sure. My boyfriend and I love these and the Pony Keg is ordering more where we live because we told them we like them. Thanks so much for creating something that makes you feel so great.

  • Adam

    Oh my God this drink is probably the best drink on this earth. I love to drink sippin syrup when I just had a hard day and I'm ready to chill out. It helps me to relax especially before bedtime. I get a great night's sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, ready to rock & roll.


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